This is a monthly Reward you get because your data is processed and turned into a statistic or insight purchased by one of Cake’s commercial partners. Our automated software processes anonymized account information and turn it into statistical data. 📉📈

Many companies are interested in this statistical data in order to make important strategic decisions. Companies interested in these statistical data are what we call our commercial partners. Cake gets its income from these commercial partners. We share 50% of this monthly revenue with all active Cake users of the month concerned. 💰

You are considered an active user for the respective month if you meet 3 criteria:

  • Have at least one unique bank account connected to Cake.

  • Have received at least 1 income on that bank account for that month.

  • Have 6 shopping or payment expenses on that bank account for that month
    (transactions between individuals are excluded).

For legal reasons, business accounts are excluded from our Rewards program. 😢

💡 Blog article: Why we share our revenue with our users

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