To keep receiving the relevant insights


To keep earning Rewards. 💸

When you linked your account to Cake for the very first time, you were asked to do this with your bank card and your bank card reader. This is the safest way. It ensures that you, and only you, can add your bank account to our app. 👍

The annoying part is that we need to ask you to repeat this every 90 days. 😖 Even though we possess your personal details, we are legally obliged to follow this process.

We’re sure we could give our Cake users a better experience if this was only needed once, at the beginning. We are trying to convince the banks to be more flexible about this. 🙏

Keeping your accounts connected is important to get the most out of Cake:

1. After 90 days your account will be automatically disconnected. All new transactions, incoming and outgoing, for that account then won’t be visible in Cake. As a result, your spending, income and cash flow insights won’t be updated.

Your account needs to be connected so we can analyse your financial data and give you the relevant insights.🙈🙉🙊

2. A disconnected account also means no more Rewards. So when you shop at one of our partners, that transaction will simply not be visible in Cake and you do not reap any Reward.

🛒 Your accounts need to be connected to earn Rewards.

3. At Cake, we believe it’s fair to share with our active users 50% of the monthly revenue we receive when selling anonymized statistics and insights to our commercial partners. We have set 3 criteria to define an “active user” for any month:

  • Have at least one unique bank account connected to Cake.

  • Have received at least 1 incoming transaction on that account during that month.

  • Have 6 outgoing transactions on that account during that month (transactions between individuals are excluded).

Your accounts need to be connected to receive your monthly slice of the Cake. 🍰

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