We keep three types of Cake user data: identity, transaction and other data.

Identity data 👨👩

First of all, we ask for your family name, first name(s) and date of birth. This data is saved in a secure Cake database.

When claiming your first Rewards (or once we starting supporting payment initiation services), we are legally required to ask for a photo ID.

It's important to note that we operate as an official financial institution, under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium. 📜 This identity check is required under the European anti-money laundering laws.

The data from your identity card (or passport) are captured using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and saved in a secured Cake database.

Transaction data 💶

When linking your bank account to the Cake app, we store all the data regarding this bank account: account number, currency, transaction data, etc.

Other data

We also keep certain data for anti-money laundering purposes and to help improve our services. You can find an overview of all the data that Cake keeps and processes in our privacy policy.

💡 Blog: How we handle your data?

💡 Video: We made a video to explain how we handle and protect your data.

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