Only the owner of the linked account can initiate a payment. 🔐

You (and only you) can use the Cake app to make payments through your bank account. This is done using "payment initiation". You send a payment request through the Cake app, and we forward it to your bank. Your bank carries out the transaction.🏦

➡️ Make payments via Cake

We use very high safety standards.

  • We work with a company (Intigriti) to implement continuous security testing for all the Cake services. Thousands of ethical hackers use their skills for the good; to try and find potential security issues. 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

  • We also work with a specialized company (Ibanity) for the link between Cake and your bank. 🔗 This company is - like us - also under strict supervision of the National Bank of Belgium to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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