Perhaps there is an error in your summary of income or spending, or certain transactions are in the wrong category? If you notice something looks amiss, please let us know and we’ll immediately get one of our IT guys to take a look. 😴

We can be contacted through our app, but we can’t guarantee in advance that we will answer within a certain period of time. 💬 Want to put us to the test? Just send us a message and you’ll see for yourself how fast we respond.

Don’t wait too long to tell us though. ⏱ Sometimes, if a problem has occurred more than 24-hours ago, we can no longer put it right. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we can always solve a problem if it’s less than 24-hours old. And it doesn’t mean we can solve problems in less than 24 hours either. The only thing we know for sure is that 24 hours is less than 25 hours.

Our services may also include third-party content or services. 🤝 Please note that we cannot be held responsible for this area.

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