Many companies are interested in financial statistical data in order to make strategic marketing decisions. 📉📈 Sometimes they work with market research companies, who may organize online surveys.

However, through Cake, this information is more reliable because it is based on Cake users’ actual expenditure. 😁 Our software processes your account’s transaction details and groups it into statistical data. We package your data together with other users’ data up into anonymized statistics and overviews which means no personal information is provided. 📊

Like to see an example?

  • Imagine you spend a lot on shoes. 👢👞 This shows up in your spending pattern and could be of interest to a retail shoe chain. We do not provide your name to the shoe retailer, but we will include your purchases in the statistics, for example on the type of people who like to buy shoes. The shoe retailer can use these statistics to gain a better insight into their market. Such information indicates to the chain possible locations to open up new shoe shops.

The retailer purchases these statistics in order to improve its marketing strategy. 💶 However we’d like to reiterate that: we do not provide your nominative identity to these companies, not in a million years. We guarantee this.

Companies interested in this statistical data are our commercial partners, and they are the source of Cake’s financial income. This way, we ensure that using the app remains free for all of our users. As the icing on the top, we also believe our users should get a slice of the cake. Not as actual food, but in cash, credited in your account. This happens through Rewards.

More information on our solutions for business can be found on our website, under Cake for business.

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