You can link a single account from one bank or multiple accounts across different banks to Cake. Once your bank account is successfully linked, it becomes visible it in our app. By “visible”, we don’t just mean your balance, but also all your past transactions. 📉📈 How far back you can see depends on your bank. We have no influence on this.

All the information about your account, and all the transactions you can see in our app, are what we call "account information". Our software analyses your account information and will try to help you. 🔎 For example, it will tell you the areas or categories where you spend more or less compared to others, how you can save, and even how you can earn more money.

We even have a fancy term for this: "Personal Financial Management" (PFM). See it as a digital financial butler that helps you with your budget.

  • Did you know that if you link several bank accounts to our app, we run our PFM model across all of them? We, therefore, total up your income and spending from all these accounts and give you a consolidated overview as if it was only one account. Pretty cool, huh? 😎

Do bear in mind though that we can’t resolve any financial difficulties you may have. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent you from spending more than you earn. However, we can give you an overview of your spending and revenue, as well as tips on how to save. What we can’t do is manage your finances for you. We allow you the benefit of doing that yourself.

Another thing you can do through our app is make payments to other accounts from your account(s) linked to our app. This is done by payment initiation. You send an initiation through our app and we forward it to your bank. Your bank actually carries out the transaction. Neat, isn’t it? 👍

This means you don’t need to login to your bank’s dedicated app anymore. You can simply make payments via our app through any of the bank accounts you have linked to Cake.

Of course, we only forward payment requests to your bank once you have initiated them through the app. The transfer is your decision and responsibility. This means that we can’t be held responsible for a payment you have made through our app. Even if you regret it afterwards. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Remember that we apply the same payment limits as your bank. So if you want to transfer more money than your bank allows, you won’t be able to do it through Cake either.

You may also need to digitally sign the payment for additional security. This depends on the measures your bank has put in place.

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